Welcome to Recovery

Hello, my name is Scott Madsen and I have been the owner of Thalia House for the past two years. Thalia House is a transitional living home in Fairway, KS that helps women in their recovery from eating disorders. I took over Thalia House knowing very little about women and their struggle with eating disorders. Though I was not seeking to get into the eating disorder world, the past two years have inspired me to help these women who suffer from this debilitating disease. Everyday I'm inspired as I come to the house and witness their intellect and bravery and the challenges they conquer on a daily basis. The funny thing is, I get more from these women than I could ever give to them. These women are lacking a voice that deserves to be heard and though, I'm not sure if I am that voice, I am here all the same to share a message about some of the most intelligent and courageous women I have ever met.

In the realm of eating disorders, there is a lack of insurance, access to treatment, funding for research, and general overall awareness. According to the National Institutes for Health, in 2011 the average amount of research dollars dedicated to eating disorders was just $0.93 per individual.

Illness                                               Prevalence                            NIH Research Funds (2011)

Alzheimer's Disease                                      5.1 million                                               $450 million

Autism                                                            3.6 million                                              $160 million

Schizophrenia                                               3.4 million                                               $276 million

Eating Disorders                                           30 million                                                $28 million

*National Eating Disorders Association

My intentions are not to take away from the awful diseases listed above, but rather to draw attention to the severity of the issue at hand. Eating disorders. It’s time to talk about it. Look at the awareness we currently have around such diseases as breast cancer. Susan G. Komen launched the global breast cancer movement in 1982 and today the organization receives over $800 million in research dollars. It is truly amazing how far they’ve come. One voice, one cause, standing united.

Again, I’m not sure if I AM that voice.  However, I stand here committed to raising awareness of the woefully underfunded treatment of eating disorders and to provide an avenue of support for these remarkable women.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this. Please join us in the movement by sharing this message.

Scott Madsen