Story of Success from a Parent

From a preteen age in 2009 it was very apparent to me that my daughter suffered from anorexia. Most all of my family members disagreed with me brushing the obvious signs away. In 2011 when the ED (eating disorder) became more apparent I was able to send my daughter to a in patient facility specliazing eating disorders. What a blessing most would think. ! Not really, a sixteen year old 10 hours away from home. Unfortunately this blessing only lasted 21 days and passed quickly. At the charge of 1000.00 per day . insurance quit and bailed out way sooner than needed. Upon discharge of her release date I felt so blessed and thought she was going to be cured and able to move forward leaving ED behind us. Well this so called cure quickly disappeared. I watched her over the next year decline to the point of what I felt was death in her future. We quickly went from the pediatric doctor to the kidney doctor to the cardiologist to the neurologist. Early her senior year I sat back and prayed for God to keep my precious daughter a float. Once again we were able to admit her in to a another inpatient facility. This time she was able to stay for three months. When it started getting close to her release date I was excited and terrified at the same time. One of her counselors told me that there were a few places that offered aftercare to help ladies transition into the real world again. That's exactly what she needed I thought. Lots of research and a lot of phone calls were made. I was completely overwhelmed. Not one of these places was any where near us. Several of the places I spoke with sounded sterile and just not what I was looking for. This is when I found Thalia House. I quickly called and spoke with a man named Scott. He was the owner of the house. He completely got it. Scott understood how hard it is for girls to leave inpatient care and just get thrown back into life. The two of us spoke several times within the next couple of weeks about my daughter coming to his program at Thalia House. The closer it got to her release date the more freaked out I got. Not only was she going to be almost a 1000 miles away from me, but a Stranger would be picking her up at the airport. I wasn't able to have much contact with my daughter the whole time she was in her current treatment facility. She was just as scared as I was. Two days before she was to be released and going to Kansas I got cold feet. Why was this Stranger named Scott being so nice. I prayed a lot for some kind of conformation that were choosing the right place for her to be
. I decided to call the Better Business Bureau. This answered my prayer. The lady on the phone found nothing. What made me feel this was the right choice was the fact she said "one of my friends daughter works there". For me I felt relieved that this lady had so many nice things to say about Thalia House. I picked my daughter up and headed directly to the airport. She was 18 years old and scared to death. I was sending her so far away, and a Stranger would be picking her up. This was probably one of the hardest goodbyes we've had. Today I can say that this Stanger named Scott is my Beautiful Stranger. He and the staff at Thalia feel like family. My daughter stayed until the staff felt she was ready to be released. Not a specific time line like other programs. I am proud to say that she is doing great and living a wonderful life. She is now 19 and has had so much growth because of the program at Thalia House. To say they saved her life feels like a understatement. The family there (staff) supported her and taught her how to live again. From beginning to end they have been there for her and my family. How does one repay someone for what they have done for us, I don't know. What I do know is that Stanger who picked my daughter up at the airport that day will always be our Beautiful Stranger. I will forever be grateful to Scott and our family at Thalia House. Sincerely, Michelle