By: Melinda Schneider, LPC  Admissions Clinician 

Values. In today’s society, I feel the term VALUES is thrown around quickly and often without thought. We talk about the value of things, usually in comparison to something else that is measurable. Such as the value of gold or the value of one currency type compared to another. This type of talk allows for us to categorize, and compare things in order to make a

decision. However, this is not the only way we speak of the term Values. In a fast paced, work-obsessed culture, we often talk about the value of a person. When we apply for school, jobs, or volunteer positions, our value is considered: what can we bring to their organization? After all, you want someone who matches the personality of the company and brings something new to the table.

And then there is a third kind of Value. The type of values we often talk about within the walls of Thalia House. Our own personal VALUES. These Values are the principles, the morals, ethical ways of thinking, and behaviors of our ideal self. They create motivation and purpose. They allow us a base to act on when all we want to do is hide from the world. The tough part is that an Eating Disorder has its own set of Values too; and these are often very different than our personal values. Recently, at Thalia House, we have been discussing, learning, and utilizing techniques such as trust, honesty, authenticity, self-awareness, and acceptance to overcome ED’s values and function within our own.

Today, I am challenging you to discover your values and make a life choice to move towards them, not away from them. Because at the end of the day, you DESERVE to live a life that matters, a life that displays what you find important, a life that honors your unique, individual VALUES. Let us know how you are choosing to live in your values and not in ED’s.