Written By: Melinda Schneider, LPC, Thalia House Admissions

A few weeks ago I launched an awareness campaign on our social media sites with the hashtag #WishTheyHadKnown. It is rare that I finish a day at Thalia House and do not hear the phrase “I wish they had known” or some derivative of that. The phrase is usually followed by a statement related to their eating disorder, the onset of ED, the maintenance of ED, and/or their recovery journey. It becomes a sentence of grief and insight that displays what each girl wanted or needed at the very beginning of their eating disorder battle: Understanding, Wisdom, Grace, and Help. 

 It was these comments that spurred me to start the Wish They Had Known campaign. My hope is that the continued awareness and spreading of these statements will allow someone, somewhere, to be more understood and receive the help they are needing sooner than later. Here are a few of the #WishTheyHadKnown Statements: the warning signs, how to act faster, that my ED is unique to me, my ED is about more than food, it was never about weight.  

My hope is that those connected to Thalia House, those who read this blog and see the awareness posts on our sites, will spread the knowledge and insight these amazing women have shared with me.