At Thalia House, we strive to help our residents continue to work toward forming a healthy relationship with food, developing normal eating behaviors, and achieving & maintaining a healthy weight. 

Each of our clients is set up with a Registered Dietitian who conducts a thorough assessment upon admission, and develops a meal plan for them based on the exchange system that meets their nutritional needs. The Registered Dietitian supports them in their continued recovery with one-on-one sessions each week.

Meal Support

Supportive meals are an integral part of our program. Highly trained staff are present at all meals & snacks, 7 days per week. Most of our clients come to us still needing a high degree of structure and support surrounding meals and snacks. In an effort to help clients transition to a lower level of support when they leave Thalia House, we have devised a system to help guide them toward developing more independence and flexibility with their meal plans.

Nutrition Education & Meal Planning

Each week, our Registered Dietitian meets with clients as a group. They practice skills related to menu planning, portioning food, meal preparation, and grocery shopping. Our Registered Dietitian also spends a great deal of time educating residents about certain topics such as human metabolism, macronutrients and how they are used by our body, hunger & satiety signals, and intuitive eating. To expose clients to and increase their comfort surrounding dining out, every other week clients order take-out from a nearby restaurant with the guidance of our Registered Dietitian. Twice per month she accompanies clients on a restaurant outing.