Bordering downtown Kansas City, Thalia House is located in Fairway, KS, just a mere mile from the historic Country Club Plaza and across the street from the Fairway Shopping Center. Thalia House is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom country home with 7 beds, a finished basement, a sunroom, and a deck with a jacuzzi.  Clients have 24/7 support from the live-in House Mother, Residential Coordinator, other staff, interns, and peers.

Kansas City, better known to residents as "America's best kept secret," has started making some noise.  In 2013, numerous organizations ranked KC as one of the top places for young adults to live, love, develop and experience happiness.  Kansas City offers an eclectic metro that satisfies an even more diverse population with live music, art, professional sports, nature, nightlife, frequent climate changes and world famous BBQ.  For more information on what Kansas City has to offer, visit