ADOLESCENT intensive outpatient program:

Thalia House provides skills and a supportive community for recovery through intensive outpatient programming. Our adolescent IOP is a 16-week cyclic curriculum with a week break after eight weeks of the program. The program is scheduled conveniently for after-school hours in order to not disrupt our clients' everyday lives. During this program, clients will adresses anxiety reduction, trauma recovery, emotional regulation, interpersonal skills and shame resilience.

Our adolescent IOP program has been specially created for clients ages 13-17, and runs 4 days per week, 3-hours per day. Both females and males are welcome and encouraged to receive treatment through this program.  Our groups integrate evidence based treatments including:

  • Anxiety and Trauma Recovery

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Shame Resilience

  • Mindfulness & Body Movement

  • Nutrition Education & Meal Planning

  • Holistic for mind, body and spirituality

  • 12-step Eating Disorder principes

Clients will engage in pre- and post- assessment changes to best identify further treatment recommendations. Assessments will occur upon admission, at the mid-program break and at the end of the 16 weeks. Our therapy team provides weekly treatment updates to each client’s outpatient treatment team to ensure effective outcomes and continuity of care. We are happy to communicate with doctors, psychiatrists and any other medical provider as needed.

Our program runs four days a week with after school hours, allowing clients to remain in school. Programming starts at 4:30 on Monday & Tuesday, and 5:30 on Wednesday & Thursday so students are still able to interact with teachers, attend after school activities, complete homework assignments and other transitions occurring between school and programming.

In-Network coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna. Self-Pay option available for out-of-network carriers.




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