the House

Thalia House is located in Old Leawood, a quiet and charming area of Kansas City. Our home is made up of five bedrooms, four bathrooms, an open kitchen, spacious group room and large living area to enjoy reading, body movement, meditation and connection through other free-time activities. We also offer a large arts and expressive therapy room where residents can create meaningful and personal art as they please.


Thalia House sits on almost an acre of land that backs up to a quiet, wooded creek, which enables us to observe and enjoy multiple aspects of nature while remaining within the comfort of our luxurious two-tiered deck.  Our home is complete with natural lighting and peaceful, fun decor to boost recovery and positive emotion. We are located near multiple shopping centers for groceries, group outings, as well as located between two serene Leawood parks where you can enjoy walking paths, tennis courts and more.

Kansas City is known for it’s barbecue, all that jazz and  revitalized and eclectic metro area. We are able to experience the city’s diverse population, live music, art events, historic buildings, city markets, local eateries, professional sports and much more that the city has to offer.  Being located in Old Leawood, our clients are able to experience these exciting features of our beloved city, all while having the luxury of returning home to a calm, relaxing environment.


9811 Lee Circle, Leawood, Kansas 66206