our story:

Thalia House opened in 2011 as a transitional living facility designed for women desiring continued support in recovery from their eating disorders. Our founders identified the need for a program that provided support and also gradual reintroduction to daily life and exposure to everyday stressors following in-patient treatment for eating disorders. Today, Thalia House provides Intensive Outpatient Programming with Transitional Living that provides support for individuals desiring recovery and relief from disordered eating and weight disturbances, co-occurring diagnoses (i.e. substance abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression etc.), and families in need of guidance.

Clients take responsibility for living a healthy lifestyle while receiving ongoing guidance from our staff and support from their peers. Our program focuses on challenging clients to establish goals for their futures and to work toward pursuing involvement in part-time employment, academic work, and/or volunteer work during their time at Thalia House.

Therapists and clinicians at Thalia House recognize the uniqueness of every individual and their disorders.  As a result, our clinicians tailor their many approaches to fit each client’s individualized treatment plan. This allows us to provide the appropriate level of support necessary to both challenge the client and facilitate long-term recovery. Treatment options include full-time supported living, part-time therapeutic support, flexibility for everyday living, group support, and access to individual therapists, dietitians, and outside treatment when needed. Furthermore, out staff collaborates directly with psychiatrists and physicians in order to ensure a continuum of care for our clients.